I am Fatima!

A lifestyle entrepreneur, podcaster, a lover of humans and a woman that is ridiculously enthusiastic about changing lives every single day - 1 life at a time - starting with yours!

I went from Burnt-out Business Woman (exhausted & unhealthy) to interviewing Mel Gibson in LA and helping hundreds like you create a life they love!

But first…

  • Before International stages
  • Before thousands of lives positively impacted
  • Before the workshops and retreats
  • Before living a life of Faith, Service & Success

This was me...

  • Member of the "Approval-Chaser" club
  • President of the "It Looks Good on the Outside But Falling Apart Inside" club
  • Hiding a secret life—one of domestic abuse where wearing my hair in a ponytail was unacceptable. This was my normal.

I never imagined life would be any different for me. I made my bed, now I had to lie in it, right?! WRONG!

My Story

Croc Country, Fairytales, High Heels and Hard Hats!

From the TOP END of Australia (also known as Crocodile Country . . . Have you seen the movie Crocodile Dundee?) I grew up with 4 adorable (sometimes not so adorable) younger sisters and a dedicated and loving mother.

As a young girl, I dreamt of getting married (check), having children (3 checks) and living happily ever after…

It was my FAIRYTALE!! But, that is exactly all it was . . . a fairytale! In every sense of the word…

Navigating the male-dominated world of construction as a young woman that loved wearing high heels was challenging! Respect and equality did not run in the same sentence as woman and construction and I really did have to "act like I belonged."

I persevered like so many women do in life and helped drive that business to become a multi-million dollar industry, award-winning construction company.

BURNT OUT? Absolutely!

Sound Familiar?

Life Fit

Life Flashed Forward, Then Flashed Before My Eyes.

I was 30, then I was 50, with a husband, who I very much loved still treating me disrespectfully. (Hey, after 15 years I could not see it ever-changing.) My three children have now grown men that believed it was normal . . . expected or even worse . . . found ACCEPTABLE to treat the women the way they had witnessed me being treated.

They had their own children, sons that would continue this unacceptable behaviour and daughters that would EXPECT and ACCEPT this type of treatment by their own partners. The ripple effect was ENORMOUS!!!

I quickly realized something had to change…

This decision to save our lives is the one that very nearly cost me my life. My husband took his own life and almost ended mine!

LIFE was Tough. Really Tough!

I found myself a widow, out of a job, out of my home, no backup plan, and trying to deal with my own traumatic experience. The 3 little scared and pained faces of my sons 6, 4 & 1 looked to me for love and reassurance.

I was beaten and broken, but I was alive! So what did I do? Moved state. You know, just to make it a little tougher for myself!

And I am so thankful I did! This bold move forced me to stand on my own two feet, sink or swim. Become my own person!

Have you ever had a moment like that in your life?

1 woman every week has her life taken by a male partner or ex-partner in Australia.

(Source: the government's Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW))

72% of all murder-suicides involve an intimate partner; 94% of the victims of these murder-suicides are female.

(Source: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV))

I was one of the lucky ones.


Podcast Every Week


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My Career Journey

Back to the banking and finance world, I even studied for a diploma in financial planning . . . boring!

Started selling funky, bright Brazilian workout wear, dabbled in selling coffee... I thought, hey, everyone loves coffee (except for me) so what a great idea! That lasted 2 seconds because I realized I was so not passionate about coffee!

Eventually, I discovered my passion: Helping people transform their lives!

As time went on, I continued to grow, heal, and face more challenges. My physical, emotional, health, & financial situation (my LIFE toolkit) kept getting upgrades as I dedicated time and money to "becoming the person I know I was born to be." So, I became a Personal Trainer (like a counsellor that makes you workout)!

I wanted to help more people on a bigger scale! I started a body composition analysis business (this allowed me to do what I loved but impact more people per hour (6-20) it was the first step to the bigger scale. I started a social marketing business, progressed to respected ranks, and was awarded the "Rising Star." Took on some 1:1 bespoke coaching clients & loved this, but time was the issue. Not enough of it!

I became a speaker, a guest presenter at retreats, I worked with teens on a collaborative project for anti-bullying. The event was organized, promoted, MC'd. I judged bodybuilding events, was a co-event organizer of a large 2-day fitness expo for 2 years.

I wanted to help more people and make more money, but I was spreading myself so thin, plenty of ideas, but they were all reliant on my physical time and labour. All the while, I was still a single parent.

Here we are now! I started this new business! LIFE BODY BUSINESS!

Ready to Make a Move Toward Your Success?

Access the RESULTS in life and business that you were born to have!

More Fun Facts About Fatima

    • I love cloud-watching and nature in general.
    • I grew up camping, hunting & fishing.
    • I can get a little competitive with my sons when they rope me into their ball sports. I don’t play by the rules!
    • I am part wog, so talking with a loud voice expressively (think lots of hand gestures) is NOT yelling!
    • I love cooking for my sisters. They all have their favourites.
    • My nickname has been "Fatty" since I was 5!
    • I used to devour 5 chocolates bars a day! No Joke!
    • I wrote fake notes to get out of PE classes all the time!