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DETOXING Your Body & 5 Foods That Naturally Assist

DETOXING Your Body & 5 Foods That Naturally Assist

Detoxing your body rids it of toxins that are stored in the fat cells. It increases your metabolism, strengthens your body’s immune system function and fights off infection. In this article we share 5 foods that naturally assist in detoxing your body.

Toxins can affect our health in many ways potentially leading to a multitude of healthy functioning issues:

  • Some can kill the friendly bacteria in our gut
  • Block oxygen from binding to red blood cells
  • Block absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Hindering the body’s natural ability to burn fat – leading to weight gain

How do these toxins enter our body?

  1. Consumption – The foods and drinks we ingest. These days even some fresh foods can carry toxins in the form of pesticides, water & plastic water bottles.
  2. Inhalation – The air we breath, air fresheners.
  3. Absorption – Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs some of what it comes into contact with. Think of household cleaners and personal care products such as detergents, deodorant, toothpaste and body wash to name a few. Any product that you put on your body that contains harmful chemicals.

If you experience digestive issues, weakness, bloating, nausea, mood swings and skin issues, these are all signs that there are too many toxins in the body.

Detoxing at least once a year for a 2-4 week period would prove beneficial to any person’s health. I personally embark on a 28 day detox after Christmas and upon returning from any holiday.

Benefits of Detoxing your body are many:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Healthy skin
  • Increased energy
  • Cleanse the liver
  • Sharp thinking
  • Boosted libido
  • Improved physical performance
  • Increased metabolism leading to weight loss

5 Foods That Help Your Body Naturally Detoxify


Asparagus are full of amino acids and minerals that protect your liver and cells against toxins. An additional benefit of this power vegetable is it is a natural diuretic. This is important to aide the body in liver drainage, an essential function to remove toxins from the body

Food Tip: Use it in frittata or omelette, grill or BBQ it to add to your meal.


Packed with antioxidants and good fats, avocados can dilate blood vessels while blocking toxins that have been known to destroy arteries.

The nutrients in Avocados promote healthy circulation, they contain the powerful antioxidant known as “glutathione”. Glutathione helps the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals from the body. This in turn helps to cleanse your body off the unwanted toxins. And if that isn’t enough reason to add Avocado to your meals, it has been found to block 30 various carcinogens!

Food Tip: Add it to your smoothie – like this quick superfood smoothie recipe, or mash with lemon, salt and chilli and spread on your favourite meat, rice cake or sourdough.


Beetroot has the ability to cleanse and restore energy to the body, and naturally detox your blood and liver. Thanks to the many minerals they contain beetroot can provide you with an immune boost that assists to improve blood flow, protect the blood vessels from damage, and prevent you feeling fatigued.

Including beets in your diet will give you a boost of potassium, fibre, manganese, and folate. It’s detox power is in the compound “betalains” that help to remove heavy metals and neutralize toxins in the body.

Food Tip: Opt for fresh beetroot, grate into a salad, meet patties or simply have a beetroot juice pre workout.


Parsley is a diuretic that assists the digestive tract and helps to control cholesterol. It is rich in minerals that help kidneys stay strong, remove toxins and fats. Parsley contains a powerful antioxidant that helps regenerate cells and facilitate the function of the kidney.

Food Tip: Add it to your juice for a boost, make pesto with parsley to dip veggie sticks into or boost salads and steam vegetables with fresh parsley.


This refreshing citrus fruit has a compound in the peel that stimulates liver enzymes, making them water-soluble and easier to flush the toxins out of your system. An additional benefit is the antioxidants in lemons are great to alkalize your body and maintain a healthy PH level to maintain your best health.

Food Tip: Add to good quality oil with salt as a salad dressing, place slices in your water; cold for summer, warm water for winter.

Detoxing your boy & 5 foods that naturally assist

Remember by detoxing annually for a period of 28 days you will improve your body’s immune system and promote optimal function.  Keep this in mind after the Christmas blowout or the holiday indulgence.

Make sure you include these 5 Foods That Naturally Assist Detoxing in as many meals as possible. Set your health and fitness goals, consider starting the year with a detox. I will be enjoying this 28 day detox after the Christmas festivities and post holidays.

If you enjoy this content please leave a comment and feel free to share away, this might just be the information someone near to you might need to hear today

Happy Detoxing! 

Fatima xo  

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  1. Thanks for this great tips, what foods can I have with my detox. Can I enjoy salmon, white fish, almond milk, berries I would like to do a 28 day detox starting next few days.
    Many thanks xx

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